Sandra Guerreiro Lisbon & wonderful designs by reusing plastic bags

Sandra Guerreiro was born in Lisbon, where she still lives. Graduated in Fashion Design, she soon started to do what she really loves, reusing materials to other purposes, instead of designing clothes…

Sandra Guerreiro Desginer Lisbon atelier 2

Sandra Guerreiro

Starting with recycled paper, cardboard and other materials, ended up reusing plastic bags to create new bags, wallets, lamps, laptop cases and much more… Sandra’s Myspace

Sandra Guerreiro designer Lisbon atelier reusing plastic bags

Sandra Guerreiro

Plastic bags were chosen just because they ‘’grow up’’ like mushrooms in our kitchens… everybody knows, and Sandra really had the feeling to do something with that !! Such a waste of material… But it wasn’t easy: the very first experience didn’t go very well…

Sandra Guerriero Designer Lisbon atelier at work

Sandra Guerreiro

Sandra took one month to grab it again and finally she created something attractive, useful and satisfactory: a small purse. The feedback was fantastic!She just had to think about how to improve a few things.

Sandra Guerreiro Designer Lisbon my purse

I bought this beautiful wallet (13 euro). You can also find Sandra’s work at ‘Ladra Alternativa’  (Alternative Fair), where very creative Portuguese designers show their work like jewellery, arts and fashion accessories.

Sandra Guerreiro Designer Lisbon atelier Rua Augusta

Atelier Sandra Guerreiro: Rua Augusta, Lisbon. Mail Sandra. Phone (00351) 962344385.

Sandra Guerreiro reused plastic bags sacos redondos

You can see all models and sizes in Sandra’s album ‘’WORK’’ at Facebook

Sandra Guerreoro designer Lisbon saco (dobrado)

Design: Sandra Guerreiro

Sandra Guerreiro designer reused plastic bags lamps Candeeiro Cubo

SHOPS: LISBON Embaixada LomográficaRua da Atalaia, 31 (Bairro Alto), Fabrica Features Lisboa – Megastore United Colors of Benetton, Rua Garrett, 83

Sandra Guerreirho designer Lisbon wallets bolsas

More shops in Portugal: PORTO: ‘Muuda’ – Rua do Rosário, 294 ‘Corações Habitados’ – Rua Nova da Algândega, 65. SINTRA: ‘Maria Saudade’ – Rua da Ferraria, 15. COIMBRA: ‘Mau Feitio’ – Rua do Quebra-Costas, 42/44. TOMAR: ‘Uff Portugal’ – Rua Serpa Pinto, 139. BRAGA: ‘Conceito X’ – Rua Nova de Sta. Cruz, 30 – loja 5. FARO: ‘Líbido’ – Rua Concelheiro Bivar, 81/83. LAGOS: ‘Portugal the Best Of’ – Rua Cândido dos Reis, 47. MADRID: Reina Sofia Museum. NEW YORK: MoMA (soon).

Sandra Guerreiro designer Lisbon malas 044

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