Restaurant ‘Adega de São Roque’ Lisbon, football-fan favorite & hanging scarves

Football is the most popular sport in Portugal and also in Lisbon. There ‘s a lot of very good seafood restaurants, but a big TV-screen is also very important….! The Portuguese even watch football (futebol) while enjoying a dinner at a restaurant!

Lisbon football fans FC Schalke vs Benfica Rossio dec 7 10

Lisbon, Pastelaria Suíça, Rossio, a cafe/restaurant very popular with tourists

But this afternoon the city center was filled with blue skirts and blue jackets, just arrived in Lisbon, waiting for the match. The football supporters kill the time by drinking Cola 😉   . FC Schalke vs Benfica, Uefa Champions League.

Football lovers in Lisbon WK 2010

Restaurant 'Adega de São Roque' Lisbon tiles and football scarfs

Restaurant Cervejaria ‘Adega de São Roque’ , Rua da Misericordia, 120, Lisbon

Near the heart of the Bairro Alto area,  there’s an excellent (seafood) and unique decorated restaurant. The walls and the ceiling are covered with European football team scarves and with a mix of remarkable photos of public figures who are passing through there over time.

Restaurant 'Adega de São Roque' Lisbon European football team scarfs ceiling

The ceiling in this restaurant is totally covered with European football scarves

Here you will find not only an excellent restaurant but also a nice pub and the most diverse and traditional Portuguese snacks. The seafood cataplana and the grilled fish plate are delicious, but if you prefer pork or a steak, it’s also on the menu.

Restaurant 'Adega de São Roque' Lisbon European football team scarfs 4

Restaurant/Cervejaria ‘Adega (Cellar) de São Roque’ Lisbon in the afternoon. They are open every day from 12:00 – 24:00, so if you like to come in at 17:00 you’re welcome!

Cervejaria means ‘beerhouse’, where beer is produced (or used to be produced) and where you can eat as well. There are many Cervejaria’s in Lisbon. Most Cervejaria’s have a restaurant and a bar where you can stand and drink beer and eat snacks like a ‘prego’ which is a steak sandwich.

Lisbon Adega Sao Roque Bairro Alto football scarves Carne de porco à Alentejana

Carne de porco à Alentejana, 11,50 euro, glass of wine 1.50, bread 0,50

Pork stew with clams, potatoes, coriander and garlic is a traditional Portuguese dish, particularly near the Atlantic coast, where clams are easily found. It is called alentejana as being in the manner of the Alentejo, a province of Portugal. Delicious! Recipe YouTube

Lisbon Adega Sao Roque Bairro Alto 3

Senhor Albano Matos (l). Nice people, excellent food and good service.

Restaurant/Cervejaria ‘Adega (Cellar) de São Roque’ Lisbon, Rua da Misericordia, 120, Lisbon, tel. (+351) 213 432 167

Lisbon Adega Sao Roque Bairro Alto toilet 2

The toilet in the restaurant: Um de nós é gay (one of us is gay….)

World Cup football 2010: Portugal vs Brazil, Holland vs Brazil, Big Screens & fans in Lisbon’s city center

Football is very important in Portugal. A lot of the Portuguese even watch a match on TV while eating their dinner in a restaurant…. At the moment football lovers and tourists from all over the world  follow the matches in Lisbon’s city center. According to the Portuguese and Ronaldo Portugal should be considered among the favorites to take the title in South Africa……

Football Portugal vs Brasilia screen Rossio

A big screen at Praça da Figueira Square, near Rossio, a very popular tourist attraction, June 25, 2010.
On the background one of the main historical and tourist sites, the Castle of Saint George (São Jorge)

Football Portugal vs Brasilia big screen2

Praça da Figueira

Remarkable: from the 16th to the 19th centuries, Brazil was a colony of Portugal

Football Portugal vs Brasilia Rua Augusta1

Rúa Augusta, Lisbon’s famous boulevard and one of the best-known shopping streets

Football Portugal vs Brasilia beautiful girls

Beautiful Portuguese girls

Football Portugal vs Brasilia Rua Augusta3

Catarina Tomais da Silva and Rui, waiters in Pastelaria Casa Brasilia.Very popular and delicious food! Rua Augusta 267

In case you visit Lisbon for a football event I recommend restaurant/Cervejaria ‘Adega de São Roque’ , decorated with European football team scarves, remarkable!


Football Portugal vs Brasilia cafe near hotel Mundial1

Pastelaria and restaurant “D. João I”, Rua D. Duarte 1-B

Near Praça da Figueira . In the month of June all the streets in the historical center are decorated with garlands and lights (Festas Populares)

Football Portugal vs Brasilia cafe near hotel Mundial 2

Inside the restaurant……

Football Portugal vs Brasilia street near Munidal

…and of course the elephant 😉 sound of the vuvuzelas!

Football world cup Lisbon after the match

After the match…..Portugal vs Brazil: 0-0: both countries happy 😉

Lisbon World Cup 2010 Holland vs Brazil Rossio1

Holland vs Brazil, near the famous Rossio Station.

A big screen at Largo Duque de Cadaval, a beautiful place, full of open sunny open-air cafes and restaurants.

Lisbon World Cup 2010 Holland vs Brazil Rossio2

Holland vs Brazil: 3-1. Dutch and Brazilian football fans are watching the match

Lisbon World Cup 2010 Holland vs Brazil Rossio4