Hairstylist Aurelio Ramos Lisbon: Award in Milan & Teresa, blind hairdresser

Aurelio Ramos de Oliveira was born in Sao Paulo in 1975. He studied at Soho Academy São Paulo in Brazil, Maison 25 Academy Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Facto Lab in Lisbon and Vidal Sassoon in London.

Aurelio Ramos Le Salon 2008

Le Salon, June 2008

As ‘Ambassador of l’ Oreal’ Aurelio worked a few years in ‘Le Salon’ , as a hair director and teacher; besides he works as a freelance hair stylist in Monte Carlo, Nice, London, and Paris.

Le Salon Lisbon Aurelio and Teresa teak a break in the garden

‘Le Salon’ Lisbon, June 2008. Aurelio and Teresa take a break.

Although Teresa is blind, she is very talented to become a good hairdresser

Aurelio Ramos winner of Gothic Luxury Award hairdresser 2006

‘Gothic Luxury’ by winner Aurelio Ramos, International Trend Vision Award in Milan 2006

After arriving in Lisbon in 2001, Aurelio worked 6 years in a trendy hairdresser’s salon, Facto. For his interpretation of Gothic Luxury in 2006, Aurelio was winner of the International Trend Vision Award in Milan. After the Milan event he took part in various Wella Professionals fashion projects to provide his talents and as well profit from working with other top hairdressers.

Lisbon Aurelio Ramos new hair saloon Lisbon Empire Baixa1

September 2010

Aurelio Ramos & his new hair saloon in Baixa area, Rua das Chagas 17, Lisbon

December 2014: Aurelios Ramos and new assistant hair stylist Marcio Neris

In his saloon in Lisbon Aurelio likes to work with the products of C: EHKO. The hair style of the fashion model on the poster is one of Aurelio’s extraordinary creations.

December 2014: Aurelio Ramos and Birgit Damke: Feliz Natal! Happy Christmas!


In his leisure time Aurelio likes everything related to art (painting, theater, music)….

Sardinha for Aurelio

…..and eating!

Lots 😉 of sardinhas (grilled sardines)…….

Aurelios Ramos favorite place Castelo Sao Jorge view stairs Bairro Alto

Favorite places: Castelo Sao Jorge in Lisbon.

Beach: Meco, an amazingly huge and beautiful beach. ‘I like surfing in the weekend’.

Meco beach

Map Meco beach, near Alfarim Meco is a very popular (gay and nudist) beach, 40 km south of Lisbon. More information about Meco Beach and how to get there from Lisbon

Hair saloon Salão S. Tomé e Principe Unissexo in historical area Mouraria Lisbon & Antonia

Mouraria, one of the oldest, historical areas in Lisbon, is an intriguing earthy place. Nowadays it’s a melting pot: there are the people with their origin from the once Portuguese colonies, especially from Angola, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe Islands, but also from other African countries; the Indian and the Chinese, the biggest representatives of Asia. There’s lots of small shops: typical Portuguese, Indian and a lot of Chinese.

Antonia in front of the saloon Salão S. Tomé e Principe Unissexo Centro Comercial Mouraria Lisbon

Antonia is my favorite hairstylist in Lisbon and she always makes me very happy 😉

Antonia hairdresser Salão S. Tomé e Principe Unissexo Centro Comercial Mouraria Lisbon

In the Mouraria shopping centre, you’ll find African hairdressers, Indian and Chinese food stores and all manner of Brazilian kitsch and knock-off gold in between.

Salão S. Tomé e Principe Unissexo

Antonia worked in Tomé Costa’s AfroLuso hair saloon, now it does not exist anymore. Happily for me Antonia works nearby in the neighbourhood in a saloon called Salão S. Tomé e Principe Unissexo

Tomé Costa 2 years ago:” We started a hair saloon in 1998 in a very small place. About 2 years  ago we opened our new saloon. Among our clients are tourists, but also lots of people who live in this neighborhood. We are very appy with this place”. ‘”Our parents moved to Portugal, we are born here, coming from the São Tomé and Príncipe Islands , a former Portuguese colony located near the northwestern coast of Gabon”. (The islands achieved independence in 1975).”

Tomé Costa African hairdresser Mouraria14

Ladies, gentlemen and children haircuts (from 5-8,50 euro), colouring (from 15 euro), manicure, pedicure and make-up (Kerli products) ; or maybe you prefer an old-fashioned barbershop-shave? (3,50)

Tomé Costa Afro hairdresser Calcada do Mouraria Lisbon5

The atmosphere in the saloon is very warm and welcoming, the staff is super friendly. While waiting for clients these two nice hairsylists enjoy the music….

Tomé Costa Afro Luso hairdresser Calcada da Mouraria Lisbon 9

Ankls Leima Sacramento Neto

The saloon is open from Monday to Saturday 09:00 – 19:00, Sundays and Holidays from 10:00 – 17:00.

Phone number Antonia: 00351 964845367

Antonia extentions

Hair extensions, fuzzy hair or braids? Antonia prefers extensions..

Tomé Costa Afro hairdresser Calcada da Mouraria Lisbon6