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Lisbon Rossio Square: Pastelaria Suíça, shoeshine boys, street traders, lottery ticket sellers & begging hands

The beautiful and very popular tourist attraction Rossio Square, the popular name of the Pedro IV Square (Praça de D. Pedro IV), is located in the Pombaline Downtown of Lisbon and has been one of its main squares since the Middle Ages. It has been the setting of popular revolts and celebrations, bullfights and executions. […]

Safety in Lisbon: watch out for sneaky pickpockets, be aware! especially on 28 and 15 (to Belém) electric trams!

Watch out for pickpockets, especially on 28 and 15  electric trams! Tram 28 is increasingly as popular with pickpockets as it is with tourists Violence against tourists is very unusual, but be aware of people that brush up close to you or jostle you and don’t leave bags and camera equipment unattended for even a […]