Restaurant ‘The Temptations of Goa’ Lisbon & Indo-Portuguese cuisine

Restaurant “Tentações (Temptations) de Goa” really is a blessing! Located in a  narrow alley, a little bit hidden in Lisbon’s old neighborhood of Mouraria , Rua São Pedro Mártir 23 (Street of martyr Saint Pedro).

Lisbon Tentacoes Jesus Maria2

Restaurant “Tentações (Temptations) de Goa” Lisbon

Update 2016: Jesus Lee started his own restaurant in Lisbon

Cook Jesus Lee (Goan origin) and owner Maria dos Angus (Maria of the Angels) are really nice people. The genuine Goan family food is created with Jesus’ love !

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Restaurant “Tentações (Temptations) de Goa” Lisbon

Jesus Lee: “I was born in Goa in 1979. My mother expected a Christmas baby, but I finally arrived January 5. She is a fan of Jesus and my father admires Bruce Lee. I learned cooking from my mother, she really is a talented cook and I love it too. After finishing school, at the age of 14, I came to Portugal. In 1996 I met Maria, the owner of this restaurant and then we started to work together”. “I’m still a bachelor, looking for a nice woman 😉

Lisbon Tentacoes Goa food7

Restaurant “Tentações (Temptations) de Goa” Lisbon

The atmosphere is very cosy and informal. I like the local cuisine very much, but the taste of the dishes (hot or medium hot) of the former Portuguese colony is delicious!  Lisbon has many immigrants from all the former colonies – amongst them the folks from Goa.

Lisbon Tentacoes Goa food3

Restaurant “Tentações (Temptations) de Goa” Lisbon

Camarão rechado (Prawn Massala 13,50 euro), small bottle of white wine 7.50, Chetni of coriander (sauce), Goan curry sauce, Chapati (Goan bread).

Delicious. Whow! From now, I am a fan of Jesus (Lee) 😉

Sony Lisbon sept Tentacoes Goa men1

Francisco Torres, Antonio Policarpo and José Pedro Torres

Tentações de Goa”, Rua S. Pedro Mártir, nº 23. Open for lunch from 12:00, dinner from 19:00 – 00:00. Closed on Sundays and Holidays. It is advised to make reservations! Vegetarian friendly. Call (00351) 218875824, Tlm: (00351) 914 814 043.

Lisbon Tentacoes Goa Entree Rua Pedro Martir 23

Restaurant “Tentações (Temptations) de Goa” Lisbon

History: Goa, visited by lots of tourists each year, is India’s smallest state, located on the west coast of India. Vasco da Gama is the largest city, named after the Portuguese explorer. The city of Margao still exhibits the influence of Portuguese culture. The Portuguese overseas territory existed for about 450 years, until it was annexed by India in 1961.

Lisbon Tentacoes Goa street by day Roa Pedro Martir6

The tiny street in Mouraria in the afternoon.

Lisbon’s area Mouraria, is one of the oldest of Lisbon and a narrowed maze of tiny streets and stairs. Really worth a visit!  🙂

Lisbon Tentacoes Goa Jesus Maria Rua P Martir 2

Jesus & Maria are taking a break….

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  1. Why is this thread under “vegetarian friendly”?!

    If you want a restaurant of really good Portuguese food that just happens to be vegetarian you should try Terra near Principe Real and Bairro Alto. It’s like having a (very talented) Portuguese friend cooking for you with all the traditional Portuguese flavors: most of the time you won’t even realize you’re eating vegetarian food! The desserts are also scrumptious, try the Arroz Doce, traditional Portuguese “sweet rice”, an old Portuguese favorite that is here made to perfection (I’ve tried it in other places and this is by far the best). The restaurant also has a lovely outdoor seating area. Site is at

    Other veggies I like: Tibetanos and Psi

  2. Bravo meu Goes amigos 🙂

    Wonderful to see Goan food and culture more alive than ever…

    God Bless Goa e Portugal

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