Discover 900 years old area Mouraria Lisbon in 2020: restaurants, shops, bars, art, sexy & fado

Charming Mouraria area is a historical 900 years old area in the heart of Lisbon where fado music was born. Nowadays it’s a multicultural area but still authentic  🙂

Lisbon Largo do Terreirinho area Mouraria march 2018

Area Mouraria is located in the historic heart of Lisbon, it is still less touristic and therefore much purer. One of Lisbon’s history-rich areas !

March 17 2020, area Mouraria Lisbon: Pastelaria ‘Doce Mila’

Corona & Lisbon

There’re almost no people in the streets or in the cafes and restaurants, a face mask is left here on the floor.. 😢

3-bedroom apartment for sale with lovely and quiet patio (ca. 25 m2)

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Arroz de gambas (rice & shrimps)

Rice and shrimps (delicious!), a glass of white wine, a small bottle of water and coffee : around 10 euro.

 Restaurant ‘Catedral do Fado’ area Mouraria Lisbon

Restaurant ‘A Catedral do Fado’ area Mouraria Lisbon

Traditional Portuguese food, snacks, and a free smile  🙂 .


YouTube:  Lisbon’s neighborhood of Mouraria

Alentejo style pork and clams ( 7,90) (Carne de Porco à Alentejana)

Pork and clams together? Yes! 🙂 Recipe by Richelle Ramos

Typical Portuguese restaurants are a little bit disorderly, but very clean with a big TV screen (people like watching TV while eating, football, futebol), TL-tubes on the ceiling and paper table-covers.

Restaurant ‘A Catedral do Fado’ area Mouraria Lisbon: traditional Portuguese food

Traditional Portuguese restaurants

Nowadays historical area Mouraria in Lisbon is still filled with old taverns and small restaurants, serving traditional Portuguese food for local prices. In contrary to the more touristical historic areas, like Alfama or Bairro Alto, where prices in  restaurants are mostly much higher.

Historic area Mouraria Lisbon, Rua João do Outeiro, June 2018

Peaceful multicultural area

Colourful Mouraria area embraces the past and the present. A multicultural area, where many nationalities live together peacefully. Nowadays it is a popular and fashionable part of Lisbon. Currently,  it is gradually renovated.

Terrace Fado restaurant Maria da Mouraria Lisbon in June. Picture: Liesbeth Niebling

Festas dos Santos Populares  (Feast Days of the Popular Saints & Lisbon’s craziest night).

In June, the Lisbon nights are filled with lively festivities that take over the city’s historical centers.

Hidden gem: Restaurant Zé da Mouraria

In a small street of one of Lisbon’s oldest districts there’s Restaurant ‘Zé da Mouraria’. Well-priced Portuguese dishes, air-conditioned in summertime.

Restaurant Zé da Mouraria 🙂 June 2019
Waiter Davide & codfish (bacalhau), a very poular dish in Portugal
Only open for lunch, dinner is possible  for groups. Closed on Sundays, no creditcards.

Thomas Kahrel (Dutch origin) in his atelier in Lisbon, Rua das Olarias 17,  Lisbon, 2018.

Atelier Thomas Kahrel

Stage designer by profession, Thomas Kahler works with wood, producing pieces such as tables, chairs and decorative objects. More pictures:  Facebook. Thomas studied Sculpture at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Holland.

Guitar whisperer 😉

Thomas is also a musician: he plays the guitar and also the
accordion. He creates his own guitars.
Restaurant Taberna do Calhau, Mouraria Lisbon, November 2019
New (June 2019) is restaurant Taberna do Calhau in Lisbon, dedicated to  region Alentejo, inaugurated by chef Leopoldo Garcia Calhau (43), who brought to area Mouraria the typical dishes of this Portuguese region.
Chef Leopoldo do Calhau : recipe for gray days. Picture: Instagram
Restaurant Taberna do Calhau lunch (almoço) has a fixed price of 35 € per person, delicious wine included. Make a reservation, as the restaurant has space for 26 people. Great atmosphere 🙂
Taberna do Calhau Mouraria Lisbon & very nice waiter
Creative cuisine
The food is veeeeeeery good, tasteful and creative, however prices are a little high. You will find traditional Portuguese dishes from region Alentejo,  such as moelas e miol (grizzards and brains of a lamb).
Restaurant Taberna do Calhau & Artur Domingos, November 2019
For wine, we left it up to owner Leopoldo to choose. A brilliant choice: Areias Gordas (25 ).  🙂
Taberna do Calhau, Largo das Olarias 23, Lisbon. Open on Sunday. Phone: (00351) 21 585 1937. Facebook
‘Cafe Belga’ area Mouraria Lisbon & (typical Belgian?)  😉   😉 sexy bathroom decor
In the same street (Rua das Olarias 37), there’s Café Belga, specializing in Belgian-inspired food and a variety of fine Belgian beers.

Bar Flamingo Lisbon June 12, 2017: Lisbon’s craziest night, party time!

Flamingo Bar in area Mouraria  is a surprising place for night owls (till 03:00). The bathroom is remarkable! Margriet, Rob and Lilja

Saturday Night Fever!  😉

Bar & nightclub Flamingo 


Organic grocery store Bomercado, opened in Mouraria Lisbon in 2018.

Organic shop Bomercado in Lisbon provides groceries, fruit, vegetables and fresh bread,  Portuguese biological wines and much more. Good prices, highly recommended!  Shopowner Frank is sympathetic and knowledgeable.

Facebook     Rua Dos Cavaleiros 10 Lisboa

Grilled sardines 🙂

Eating grilled sardines, especially in the month of June, is a tradition.

Square Martim Moniz Lisbon, starting point tram 28

​This is where the historic area Mouraria starts, close to the starting point of the legendary tram 28.
Nearby, a very cozy (a bit hidden) terrace:

Restaurant Beco do Forno, located in a little side street of Rua dos Cavaleiros 

Patio restaurant Beco do Forno: Pedro & Dina

Cozy terrace in a courtyard . A small narrow street gives access to the patio of Restaurant Beco do Forno (litt. Oven Alley).

Very friendly owners​!  🙂

Patio restaurant Beco do Forno: dish of the day (6.50 euro)

Restaurant Beco do Forno: Beco dos Cavaleiros no. 11

Bill for 3 persons 27 euro

Grilled sea bass (robalo) with cooked potatoes and vegetables, pato (duck with rice), steak with fries and mixed salad, wine and dessert.

Entrance Restaurant Beco do Forno (& bakery Doce Mila) area Mouraria Lisbon

Restaurant Beco do Forno is open every day from 10:00 – 16:00 and from 19:00 till 21:30. Closed on Sunday

Website      Facebook

Pastelaria (Bakery) Doce Mila Mouraria Lisbon

Mila’s Cakes (Doce Mila) & pastel de nata

Great place for breakfast, a home-made delicious piece of cake or a typical Portuguese delicacy:  egg tart pastry: pastel de nata.
Typical Portuguese: strong coffee (bica) and pastel de nata
Doce Mila (Mila’s cakes, name of the owner).
Largo São Cristóvão, area Mouraria Lisbon
The many winding alleys still show the traces of the 500 years of Moorish domination (from 711-1249). 
Area Mouraria is a muddle of narrow streets, stairs and small squares, which gives the visitor a glimpse of a forgotten age. Houses painted in several pastel colours or covered with antique tiles (Portuguese: azulejos).
One of the restaurants nearby is ‘O Corvo’ (The Crow), one of my favorites!
The Portuguese language is peppered with words of Arabic origin, often those relating to food, farming and manual work. One commonly used is oxalá – a direct descendent of insha’Allah, the term meaning “God willing.  More….
Square Restaurant O Corvo & a ‘sweater-wearing’ tree
Nowadays the Moorish quarter in Lisbon is a melting pot of different cultures, living peacefully together 🙂 . There’re Fado houses, cheap (but good) restaurants, taverns, bars and nightlife.

Largo da Maria da Severa. Picture: Henk van de Weerd

Fado in Restaurant/bar Maria da Mouraria, Lisbon
Restaurant/bar & fado house ‘Maria da Mouraria’, Largo da Severa 2.

It is said that Fado music was born in area Mouraria around 1820.

Terrace restaurant/cafe Bruta Flor (wild flower)

At the same square there’s  restaurant BRUTA FLOR (international cuisine)

Restaurant Bruta Flor

Largo da Severa, 7A/B, Mouraria, Lisbon

Great selection of creative- and vegetarian meals in a lovely old little place.


Tiny Ginja BarAmigas da Severa & live fado performance at midnight

Must-try: taste a delicious typical Portuguese liqueur:”Ginja!  

Famous Fado singer Mariza started her career in Mouraria where she grew up and performed many times.

Mariza  YouTube

Cafe/restaurant ‘A Parreirinha’, Lisbon. Picture: Margaret Schöttelndreier

Cafe/restaurant ‘A Parreirinha’ is a typical Portuguese restaurant, located Rua da Guia 4 A/B , Mouraria Lisbon.

€ 20 for 2 persons. WiFi, cash only. Open from 07:30 – 23:30, closed on Sunday. 

Fado house Maria da Severa & festivities in June
Great names of fado music were born in this area, like ‘femme fatale’ Maria da Severa (fado house named after her) and Fernando Maurício .
The Food Temple: vegetarian / vegan restaurant  Mouraria
Vega restaurant The Food Temple is located in a beautiful courtyard with seatings on the steps right outside. Picturesque and charming environment in the heart of Mouraria, laid-back atmosphere.
Where: Beco do Jasmim 18, Mouraria       Facebook

Ó! Galeria, Illustration gallery, Calçada de Santo André 86, Mouraria Lisbon

Ó! Galleria is a project focused in illustration, drawing, books, zines and author pieces. Ema Ribeiro is the proud gallerist and she works with some collaborators, mostly young and promising illustrators.

Area Mouraria & Indian/Bangladesh food

The majority of the Bangladesh community lives near the streets around Square Intendente. Lots of restaurants to choose from, one of my favorites is Food Garden. Great vegetarion dishes (in case you don’t eat halal food), also take away.

Grill & Indian restaurant Food Garden, area Mouraria Lisbon

Vegetable curry dishes € 5,50 –  € 7,50. Rice € 1.50. Small bottle of water € 1.00.

​Most meals are prepared from fresh, healthy organic ingredients.  Does not sell alcohol.  Take away is possible. Very friendly staff  🙂
Grill & Indian restaurant Food Garden, area Mouraria Lisbon
Square Intendente & historic building

For sale: auth. 3 bedr. apartment city center Lisbon (100 m2), lovely private patio (25 m2)

For sale: authentic 3-bedroom apartment (total area ca. 100 m2).  Lovely quiet private patio (walled, ca. 25 m2). Located in Lisbon’s city center, historical area Mouraria. Close to trams/metro/busses (square Martim Moniz) and  local shops and restaurants.

€ 330.000          YouTube: area Mouraria Lisbon

3-bedroom apartment Mouraria Lisbon & private patio (25 m2, walled very quiet). June 2019. Sunny from March till October

Authentic 3- bedroom apartment, renovated, in good condition, second floor Dutch owner (my property since 2002). Natural light in all rooms. Beautiful original wooden floors in all rooms, 1 spacious bathroom  with bathtub, bidet & WC.

3-bedroom apartment Mouraria Lisbon:  private patio & door to the kitchen, July 2019

The apartment is located in the heart of the city center of Lisbon, just outside the tourist crowds.


3-bedroom apartment Mouraria Lisbon, room & streetside bedroom

From the apartment it’s 3 minutes walk to square Martim Moniz: metro, buses and  starting point legendary tram 28 .

3-bedroom apartment Mouraria city center Lisbon & room

Natural light in all rooms. Authentic wooden floors in all rooms. Double-glazed doors in the streetside room and bedroom. New roof. The exterior of the building was painted in 2017.

More about trendy area Mouraria & hidden gems

3-bedroom apartment Mouraria city center Lisbon & room

The apartment is located on the 2nd floor, (no steep stairs).  3 bedrooms, all with a window.

2 French wrought-iron balconies to the streetside rooms.

3-bedroom apartment historic area Mouraria city center of Lisbon

Room, Christmastime, December 2019

3-bedroom apartment historic area Mouraria Lisbon & spacious kitchen

Spacious kitchen with beautiful small tiles. There’s space for 2 refrigerators and a dinner table.

3-bedroom apartment historic area Mouraria Lisbon & spacious kitchen

Kitchen with an authentic stone fireplace. New hardwood countertop with 4-burner-electric-cooker and oven.

3-bedroom apartment area Mouraria Lisbon

Terrace view from the kitchen, March 7, 2020. Sunny patio from the beginning of March till October.

Window with wooden shutters, door to the private, quiet patio.

3-bedroom apartment historic area Mouraria Lisbon & streetside bedroom. Picture: Emil Roes

The historic Mouraria district in Lisbon was once the cradle of ‘Fado’ music. Nowadays it’s a multicultural neighborhood, but still typically Portuguese. It keeps alive their ancient folk traditions, like the Feast Days of the Popular Saints in June.

3-bedroom apartment historic area Mouraria Lisbon & bedroom with window to the patio

Lively area

Nowadays historic area Mouraria is a multiculti and lively area filled with very cheap taverns. There’s some traffic driving through the narrow one-way streets. Not a noisy touristic area.

Walk in historic area Mouraria (Lisbon Lux) 

Apartment Mouraria 3-bedroom apartment in Lisbon & bathroom

Bathroom with bath tub, WC and a bidet. There’s sufficient space for a  washer and a dryer.

3-bedroom apartment in Mouraria Lisbon & very quiet bedroom: window with shutters, view over the neighbors’ garden.

The street is located close to 2 monumental squares: Praça  de Dom Pedro IV (Rossio), Praça  da Figueira and Martim Moniz square (metro/busses and trams).

Pictures: René van Gijn

Taxi & metro

Distance from the airport is approx. 8 km. From the taxi rank it is a 5 minute walk to the apartment. The apartment is very easy to reach by metro from the airport (square Martim Moniz, also starting point 28 antique tourist tram

3-bedroom apartment in Mouraria Lisbon & patio (25 m2) with BBQ area

Marble countertop, cold water tap and a garden hose. Ideal place for a BBQ with family or friends.

3-bedroom apartment Mouraria Lisbon: quiet private patio (25 m2)

Area Mouraria owes its name to former occupiers, the dominance of the Moors (Os Mouros).

3-bedroom apartment Mouraria Lisbon: quiet private patio, July 2019 (25 m2)

Nearby: pastelarias (small cafe’s) selling tasty pastries, such as the famous Pastel de Nata cream cake: a delicious calorie bomb!

3-bedroom apartment Mouraria Lisbon: quiet private patio (25 m2), in summertime.

Supermarket Pingo Doce is 10 minutes walk, there are many small supermarkets in the streets surrounding the appartment.

Terraces Largo Maria da Severa Mouraria, September 2018. Picture: Henk van de Weerd

Close to the apartment (5 minutes walk) : bars & fado restaurants and quiet terraces (forbidden for cars): Largo Maria da Severa.

StreetMouraria, Rua do Terreirinho Lisbon .

Traffic passes through the street, there’s no parking space. Loading and unloading only.

3-bedroom apartment historic area Mouraria, Lisbon & stairs

10 min walk from the apartment: the beautifully renovated historic square Intendente, with terraces, shops and restaurants

There’s much more to read about Lisbon on my blog

3-bedroom apartment historic area Mouraria, Lisbon & patio

Condominio (Homeowners Association: 25 € per month. Energylabel : C.

More information Remax & VIRTUAL TOUR to Julie Kruijs (owner). Facebook