The Lisbon Marathon, very popular & good looking athletic runners

The Lisbon International Marathon is one of Europe’s most popular, attracting big names to the professional race and thousands to run for charity or for the sense of achievement it offers.

Jurre Schöttelndreier Marathon Lisbon 2009

Lisbon Marathon December 6, 2009.

Finish Estadio 1° de Maio. Jurre Schöttelndreier from Holland, finishing time: 3:41!

Marathon Lisbon December 2008 2 beautiful Rumanian boys

Get yourself fit for the  Lisbon Marathon!

Or catch some athletic and very good looking jubilant runners 🙂

Dan Lixandru (l) and his friend, from Bucharest, Rumania, December 2008, crossing the finishing line at Praça do Comércio (Commerce Square).

Lisbon Marathon December 2008 start Praca do Comercio

Photo: Marcelino de Almeida

Lisbon marathon website (and video). The Marathon continues being a great popular success of participation. To run the Lisbon Marathon is not only to take part in a great race but also a great chance of a better knowledge of the centenary city of Lisbon.

Lisbon Marathon December 2008 good looking athletic runner

Photo: Marcelino de Almeida

Lisbon Marathon December 2006 runners

Photo: Marcelino de Almeida

The Half Marathon (March 22, 2010) is a complementary race of the Lisbon Marathon for all those which do not have an adequate preparation for the mythical 42 kilometres and do not want to miss the event. The race starts in Almada on the south side of the 25 de Abril bridge and there’s also a mini-marathon.

The Lisbon Marathon December 2008 some spectators

Some spectators… photo Marcelino de Almeida

The Lisbon Marathon December 2008 runners (woman)

Of course there are also very good looking athletic women who run the marathon ….Photo: Marcelino de Almeida

The Lisbon Marathon December 2008 sport massage

Photo: Marcelino de Almeida

 Register online:  October 17, 2021

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