Help Association ‘Bianca’ Portugal: adopt or foster a dog & lovely calendars 2022

From 3 Euro a month donation you can help Association Bianca in Portugal!  Or foster a dog or a cat on distance!

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BIANCA’ s mission is to save abandoned animals and animals in risk situations. YouTube: Rescue of 4 puppies in the toxic landfill Sesimbra

The shelter of Bianca  is located in Sesimbra – 30 km south of LISBON.

YouTube: dog Pamuk 2 days of life   

YouTube: lovely little puppies  

You can find much more on ‘BIANCA ‘s webpage & blog

Foster a dog on distance

If you cannot adopt, you can also help increase the animals’ life quality in the shelter:  foster a dog on distance – choose your dog, choose a monthly amount you want to donate and help 🙂 🙂

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Lovely calendars 2022

Association Bianca is proud to present its 2022 calendars.
There are 2 types of calendars, wall and table, both with photographs of dogs and cats, in 170gr chouché matte paper and silver rings.

Each calendar cost 7,50 Euros (+ shipping). Bianca can accept orders via email:

Calendar 2022

´‘BIANCA’ save the animals, give them a temporary shelter, treat the sick ones, vaccinate them and finally find new, responsible owners.

The shelter YouTube 

Association BIANCA was officially created on 17th July 2002. First, it had neither kennel nor any other physical structure. Its work was based on private houses and hotels for animals. In 2006 the kennel was opened – with a capacity for 50 animals. Today more than 400!  🙁

‘BIANCA’ does not want to be a deposit place for animals. They deserve much more than that!

‘BIANCA’ receives around 50 new animals every month. It is always a struggle to keep a reasonable number of them in the shelter and to be able to rehome as many as possible every month.

Many animals that  ‘BIANCA’ receive are in a very bad state: after an accident, with broken bones and wounds, puppies and kittens found dehydrated in garbage bins, animals physically abused.

Bianca Association Sesimbra Portugal sick animals vet

Veterinary bills

‘BIANCA’ has always many female and male dogs to sterilise. Females are always urgent.

The volunteers of ‘BIANCA’ count with the help of the vets who give them discounted prices but nevertheless the  monthly veterinary bills are significant. Every animal that is given for adoption from the kennel is vaccinated, dewormed and has a chip. All adult female dogs and cats are sterilised and many male dogs and cats castrated.

Help the animals  to increase their life quality!


Female puppies and kittens are given for adoption on the basis of an adoption contract in which the new owner obliges himself to have them sterelised when they reach the right age.

Flight assistant

If you fly – on vacation or for work – from Lisbon to Belgium, Holland, Germany or Denmark, you can help the pets. You can take an animal with you to its new home.

Airport Lisbon dogs March 2014 Gerrie Bianca Association Sesimbra

Gerrie (Bianca T-shirt) and John Sexton at the airport of Lisbon

You don’t need to do (or pay) anything except transporting the animal.

4 little dogs going to Amsterdam

Dogs airport Lisbon Bianca Association to Amstedam 3

Little dogs flying from Lisbon to Amsterdam

They will have a new good life in Holland!

2 dogs arriving from Lisbon Portugal & new owners waiting at Schiphol airport Amsterdam

You don’t need to do (or pay) anything except transporting the animal.

You can find much more on BIANCA ‘s webpage , see all animals & YouTube movies. MORE..

Bianca Association abandoned animals Portugal terreno

‘BIANCA’ Association for the protection of homeless animals

Address: ‘ BIANCA’ Rua das Esmeraldas S/N, 2970-218, Sesimbra, Portugal

Bianca can accept orders for a calendar (7,50 euro excl. shipping) via email:

Website BIANCA

Bianca Animal Charity in Sesimbra: help abandoned animals in Portugal & cat sterilization

Bianca Animal Charity helps homeless dogs and cats in Sesimbra, a municipality south of Lisbon, Portugal. Their mission is to save abandoned animals, those that have suffered accidents and those that are in risk and in urgent situations. You can help!

magas (26) Biance 2

Beatriz, daughter of one of the Bianca volunteers & super sweet dog Magas

Magas is a female doberman, abandoned in the road, near Bianca Animal Charity in Seseimbra. She is super sweet 🙂

santana (31) Bianca 2

Bianca volunteer Anabela & Reginna

Reginna, a dog found with 8 puppies in the street, near some houses. Bianca Animal Charity shelter the mother and the puppies. All homed now! From 2,5 Euro a month donation you can help, or foster a dog or a cat on distance.

Please visit Bianca Animal Charity website,  to find out how. There are many dogs (and cats) waiting for an opportunity to be homed!

Bianca Ass. Sesimbra avoid overpopulation sterilization cats1

Bianca Animal Charity Sesimbra Portugal: stray cats are caught in a trap and operated on the next day

Sterilization to save animals from suffering and death that their overpopulation causes

A very important activity of Bianca Association is sterilization of stray animals, mostly cats. In 3 years time more than 1000 female stray cats have been sterilised (= neutered, spayed) and then returned to their place of living. This has prevented the birth of many thousands of kittens. In Sesimbra town the result is well visible: practically no kittens. The only very few ones being spotted are those that have been put on the streets by their former ‘owners’….

Bianca Ass. Sesimbra avoid overpopulation sterilization cats2

Sesimbra Portugal, veterinarian clinic: sterilization to save animals from suffering and death

The countryside around Sesimbra (south of Lisbon) is still a big problem, mainly because of its very large area (195 km2). So it will take many more years – if ever – to control the cat population there. The stray cats are caught in a trap and operated on the next day. Uterus and ovaries are removed through a small incision. A small tip of the right ear is removed as a sign that the cat has been sterilized (without the ear tipping it would be impossible to recognize the cats).

Bianca Ass. Sesimbra avoid overpopulation by sterilization cats3

After at least 24 hr recovery the cats are liberated on the same spot as they were caught.

The fewer cats are born, the fewer cats have to suffer and die

Sterilizing is done in a humane way. All sutures remain inside so the cat doesn´t take them out. A long working antibiotic is administered by injection. After at least 24 hr recovery the cats are liberated on the same spot as they were caught.

Bianca Ass. Sesimbra avoid overpopulation sterilization cats4

What a beauty! A small tip of the right ear is removed, as a sign that the cat has been sterilized

Bianca Animal Charity in Sesimbra is a non-profit organization. Bianca’s mission: rescue dogs and cats from the streets and public kennel, and promote their responsible adoption. Bianca educates the public about animal welfare and overpopulation problem and how important it is to neuter the animals to stop their suffering.

Website  BIANCA ANIMAL CHARITY SESIMBRA – find out how you can help

FACEBOOK Bianca Sesimbra Portugal

Transfer from Lisbon airport Portela to the city, a hint & long term parking

taxi-lisbon-portugal-airportThere’s three ways of getting to the center of Lisbon from the Portela airport. A taxi is not necessarily more expensive then the bus connections. It depends on the number of persons you’re travelling with. Portela airport is located at about 7 kilometers from Lisbon’s city center, a ride to the city in normal traffic shouldn’t take longer then 15 minutes.

It is possible taxidrivers will try and charge more for the ride than the normal price. Make sure they switch on the meter. It is illegal for taxidrivers to charge more then the official rates in Portugal and there are penalties. So if you encounter a problem, make sure that you let them know that you might contact the police.

Hint about taking a taxi at the airport: if the queue is too long at the arrivals you just have to go upstairs to the departures area and take a taxi there.

Lisbon airport Portela tourist information center taxi voucher

Airport Portela Lisbon, Tourism information center – Arrival Hall.

Here you can buy a voucher for pre-paid taxi transfers to the city center with fixed prices. Each taxi carries up to 4 (or more) people, including all the luggage that can fit in the trunk.

If you travel by car: Long term parking information

A taxi to the center shouldn’t cost more then 12-14 euros, luggage included. The taxidriver will charge you for the luggage (if you have luggage that needs to be placed in the trunk of the car).


There’s a special bus (Carris Aerobus 91) that brings you to the city in about 20 min. From 07:00 to 23:00, costs € 3.50 one way or € 5.50 round trip. You can buy the ticket inside the bus, free use of the metro’s and other buses in the city during the same day is included. You can also take normal buslines, which are a bit cheaper. The buses 5, 22, 44, 45 and 83 will take you to areas in or around central Lisbon.

Metro (subway)

The (new in 2012) airport metro station is located just outside the arrivals and departures building. From 6 am to 1 am, it costs around 2 euro to Lisbon’s city center.

Map of all metro stations in Lisbon. The new aeroporto (airport) station: red line (linha vermelha).

Website metro Lisbon