Bom dia! My name is Julie, I’m living in Amsterdam and I love this wonderful city, but I also fell in love with Lisbon!

Lisbon, the castle, the river Tejo & the 25 April bridge

We (together with my son) started a blog in 2008, ‘ a Lisbon guide from the inside’,  with lots of ideas to discover Lisbon.

In 2002, I bought an apartment in Lisbon in the historical area Mouraria.

Room & 3- bedroom apartment area Mouraria Lisbon

 It is not possible to rent this house

3-bedroom apartment Mouraria in Lisbon & lovely patio

Patio (25 m2) & kitchen in summertime

YouTube: 900 years old area Mouraria Lisbon

Apartment Mouraria patio

flowering jasmin (March 2019)

Much more about 900 years old area Mouraria in Lisbon

Rua do Terreirinho, historic area Mouraria, in the heart of Lisbon’s city center, 2019


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  1. Dear Julie,

    I am english student studying for my PhD at the Gulbenkian Institute in Oeiras. I moved to Lisbon last summer and have been living with my boyfriend (who is portuguese) near Lisbon.

    Today i discovered your website whilst looking for a restaurant to go to this weekend. It is a wonderful website! It is exactly what i have been looking for since i moved here, to help me discover Lisbon, from the inside, as you say.

    Your apartments have lovely character and i will certainly recommend them when i have relatives and friends coming to stay to visit. I would love to live there myself!!

    Thank you once again for a brilliant website, i now know exactly where to look for all the information i ever need to enjoy living in Lisbon.

    Best regards,


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