Lisbon: Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, hospital São José & funeral cars

Campo dos Mártires da Pátria is really worth a visit! You can walk up the rather steepy hill at the end of Rua de São José or take the funicular of Lavra, the first transportation to overcome a hill in Lisbon, 120 years ago.

Campo dos Mártires da Pátria 1 Park view Castelo

Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, view on castle of São Jorge .

Students are taking a break in the park. Here you find the memorial statue of  Dr. Sousa Martins, erected in 1904, outside the main Faculty of Medicine, historic City Campus of the University of Lisbon, home to several faculties including Law and Medicine.

In the nearby lovely park (Jardim da Cordoaria is a small cafe “O Coreto. This place is located on one of the 7 hills of Lisbon, the view from here is really wonderful.

Monument dr Martin Sousa13 Jardim da Cordoaria cafe “O Coreto’

The nearby lovely large tree-lined park (Jardim da Cordoaria) and small cafe “O Coreto’ (the Kiosk).

You can walk down the hill, not too steepy, to the center’s Rossio Square with many restaurants and shopping zones. A few pictures from my walk starting at Rua Manuel Bento de Sousa:

Walking around hospital São José car coffins

Hospital São José, near the Faculty of Medicine.

Waiting for a dead body

It is said that funeral cars are waiting here in line, like a taxi queue, to be the first one to pick up a dead body… anyway, when I was passing by I saw a truck delivering new coffins…..

Lisbon Hospital entrance São José Rua do Sao Lazaro

Hospital São José , ortopedia entrance at Rua de Sao Lazaro.

Lisbon Hospital São José1

Walk until Travessa do Hospital and go right.

Hospital São José is an immense building, strechting out toward Praça Martim Moniz.

walking from Hospital São José2 view Castelo Sao Jorge

View on Castle São Jorge

Walking around Hospital São José4 rainbow

View from the hospital’s parking lot

Hospital São José19 beautiful

Beautiful entrance at Rua José a Serrano. The name of the hospital São José is paying hommage to King Joseph I.

Lisbon Rua da Arco da Graca1

Rua do Arco da Graça. On the left side of this street, a lot of new apartments are being built.

Lisbon Rossio Square

Rossio Square beautiful and very popular tourist attraction.

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