Top biking services in Portugal: Bikeiberia Lisbon Hub & Didier Mimoso

Bikeiberia, established in 1999, was the first local operator offering top biking services in Portugal & Spain to an international clientele. Bikeiberia offers guided, independent or tailored-made tours (like bike tours of Lisbon area or coastal areas like Sintra, through out Portugal and parts of Spain) and offers rental services for high-quality bikes & equipment at competitive rates.

Rebt a bike Lisbon Bikiberia office shop Didier owner

Bikeiberia Lisbon, Largo Corpo Santo 5

Bikeiberia founder & manager Jorge Didier Mimoso (r) and staff Tânia Caldas or Ana Rolo will be happy to welcome you in the bikeiberia office & shop in Lisbon, Largo Corpo Santo 5 ,  the headquarters and central Bike Rental station in Baixa in the heart of Lisbon downtown. Here, travelers are able to get information about the plentiful biking possibilities in Lisbon.

Bikeiberia rent a bike in Lisbon owner Didier Mimoso office Lisbon

Bikeiberia Lisbon & Didier Mimoso

Didier: “We want to share with you the parts of Portugal and Spain we know, offering some of the most unique biking experiences in the world”  bikeiberia website . “For those who do not want to be bothered bringing their own bicycles and gear by plane, we have created special bike rental – touring packages including chosen bicycle, helmet use, front bag, rear panniers, toolkit, bike pump, spare inner tube and luggage storage service. If you like, the bikes can be delivered directly to your hotel”.

Linbon bike rental bikeiberia owner Didier at work

Bikeiberia Lisbon

Didier:”I started bikeiberia to share with others the unique way in which cycling, both on and off road, opens up for the adventurous traveler the hidden and still intact landscapes, history and culture of remote areas of Portugal and Spain”.

Bikeiberia rent a bike in Lisbon 2 Didier at work biker 2

Bikeiberia Lisbon

“I was born in Mozambique (a former Portuguese colony, independent in 1975). Although I grew up like lots of kids loving to ride my bike in the neighborhood streets of Lisbon, it was only at university in Évora, an ancient town set in Portugal’s vast Alentejo, that I discovered the fun and potential of biking. After my study (economy) I lived and worked in England for three years, cycled there and in over fifteen other countries (a 3 months tour from Berlin to Istanbul and from Istabul to Lisbon for instance). 10 years ago I started bikeiberia”.

Bikeiberia office and shop Lisbon rent a bike Haroldo Castelo Brano

Assistant Haroldo Castelo Branco

bikeiberia office & shop in Lisbon

Bikeiberia rent a bike in Lisbon street bikes Pedal your way

Bikeiberia Lisbon, Largo Corpo Santo 5
phone 00351 21347 0347
mobile: 00351 96242 3455,

You can directly pick up or order them to any place within Iberian Peninsula. Business hours: Monday-Friday 9:30am to 8:00pm GMT, open all year.

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Bikeiberia Lisbon shop office rent a bike in Lisbon children’s bike cow cycle bell

Bikeiberia has a variety of children bells available.

At the moment the collection of animals is very popular: a cow, a giraffe, a parrot or a crocodile.

Bikeiberia rent a bike in Lisbon shop and office vintage bike 2

Bikeiberia Lisbon

In de window a beautiful Vintage bike. Didier: ” They have been the same for over 40 or 50 years and it’s amazing how they are still being made! Maybe bikes got way better mechanically but this is a Vintage with its own charm! One of the most interesting things on it is the braking system, which does not work with cables or oil and the lights working with a wheel dynamo or the 3 hub gears by Sturmey Archer! The painting work also has some interesting details and I could not believe my eyes when we found out we could still get them brand new this way! Many people stops by to tell us they got one many years ago and how much it cost then, apparently over 40 years ago it could costs the huge sum of “15 bills of 100 Escudos”…This is equivalent to 7.5 Euros!!!”

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. We apreciate your support and we loved your post and pics.

    When you return to Lisbon, come by our office and let’s all go together for a bike ride!

    Thank you for helping us spreading out the word!!!

    bikeiberia team

  2. I would like to comment on the excellent product and service provide by the Lisbon Hub. Two wonderful ladies working there were extremely helpful providing me with suggested directions around the city and surrounding area.

    Easy, accessible, great value, awesome place to bike.

    Thanks a lot!

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    seu amigo o rollando pai do robinso do sao gabriel voce se esqueceu de mim mas eu nao esqueco de voce me amigo irmao

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