Erika Reusens’ (Belgian origin) favorite places in Lisbon & short ferry trip to restaurant Farol

Bom dia! My name is Erika Reusens, I was born in Belgium, I moved to Lisbon in 2004, which was quite an adventure, because I had to start all over again.

Lisbon people Erika

Erika Reusens (Belgian origin)

“I live in a quiet part of the historic area Bairro Alto, but ‘the place to be’ when it comes to nightlife! Bairro Alto means ‘High neighborhood’, as it is on top of one of the seven hills of Lisbon. It is a maze of narrow streets filled with trendy shops, galeries, charming grocery stores, small restaurants and bars”.

Bairro Alto Rua da Rosa

Lisbon, Bairro Alto area in the afternoon

“During the day it feels like living in a small village. Old people with coloured plastic bags are coming back from the market, having a chat with eachother while they slowly climb the steepy streets. The atmosphere is very relaxed. Typical Portuguese is the hanging laundry, drying in the wind. In the shops and in the cafes people take their time to make a friendly neighbourly talk.

For me Lisbon’s Tagus river is a very important part of my life. When I wake up the first thing I do is look out of the window to see the ‘mood’ and the colour of the river: sometimes wild or as smooth as a mirror, sometimes blue or ominous dark grey. In summertime the weather is gorgeous, and, thanks to the nearby river, there’s always a nice breeze!

Lisbon and the Tagus river are inseparable: I like it very much enjoying the calm water’s river on a Cais do Sodré’s terrace, reading a bit while slowly sipping a glass of Sangria and then take a (10-minutes) ferry trip to Cacilhas to the other side of the river”.

Ferry Lisbon Cacilhas

Lisbon ferry from Lisbon to the other side of the river: Cacilhas

Cacilhas is a picturesque neighbourhood in the banks of the river best known by its Cervejarias (popular beer houses) also offering shellfish, seafood, and fresh fish.

How to get there

I can recommend restaurant/Cervejaria O “Farol (lighthouse) just by the boat stop, the food is ‘finger licking’ good! From restaurant ‘O Farol’ I like to make a walk along the river, after passing some abandoned and ruinous warehouses you can have lunch or enjoy a drink at the outdoor terrace of ‘Atira-te ao rio’, a small paradise with wonderful views!

Restaurarant Attira-te ao Rio

Terrace ‘Atira-te ao rio’, Brasilian cafe/restaurant: wonderful views! (2008)

More about this restaurant (2019)

“The cemetery of São João (Cementerio do Alto de São João) is a very impressive and beautiful old graveyard: the alleys, the graves, the tranquility….one of the most attractive places to admire the river Tagus as well!

Cementery Sao Joao

“For me, Lisbon is an authentic, unique city!”

6 Replies to “Erika Reusens’ (Belgian origin) favorite places in Lisbon & short ferry trip to restaurant Farol”

  1. Hey Erika,

    I stumbled on your blog, looks like you have a great time there in Lisabon.
    Same as you i was born in Belgium (probably most of the Reusens Family is born there) and now living in Brisbane Australia.

    Anyways i would love to hear more of your adventures there in Portugal.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  2. Hey Erika,

    Was me hier aan het amuseren met onze klasgenoten van toen eens te googelen en kwam op deze site terecht.Zit jij nu nog in Portugal?
    Wij komen er deze zomer naartoe. Eerst een paar dagen mijn schoonbroer bezoeken ( woont al een paar jaar in de buurt van Tabua)
    en dan gaan we nog wat rondtrekken.
    Misschien eens afspreken?
    Chantal Foubert

  3. ben jij de erika reusens die in de jaren 60 in Brasschaat naar Sint-Lutgardis naar school ging ??
    en was jij dan niet bevriend met ann rombauts ??
    geef je eens een seintje als je tijd hebt


    claes pascale
    ik ging daar ook naar school

  4. Dag Erica,
    We zijn van 21 tot 25 maart 2015 in de buurt van Lissabon.
    Heb uw gegevens niet meer dus hoop ik dat je dit leest…
    Mogelijks kunnen we eens afspreken. Zouy wel leuk zijn om u nog eens te zien voor een gezellige babbel.
    Hierbij mijn GSM nr: +32/495 580 579

    Benny Luyten

  5. Hola Erika,
    Leuke blog is het commentaar van een andere expat vanuit Spanje, Alicante, sinds 22 jaar. Zou je het zien zitten, na al deze tijd weer contact op te nemen ? Ik wel!!
    Saludos, Katrijn.

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