Lisbon historic area Mouraria 2018: restaurants, art, shops, bars, fado music & Mariza

Area Mouraria is a historical 900 years old area in the heart of Lisbon where fado music was born. Nowadays it’s a multicultural but still an authentic area 🙂

Lisbon Largo do Terreirinho area Mouraria march 2018

Cafe/restaurant Minutos Gulosos (‘greedy moments’), Largo das Olarias no. 1 : great for breakfast ! Cafe € 0.55, fresh juice € 2:20, sandwich € 1.40

Arroz de gambas (rice & shrimps)

Rice and shrimps (delicious!), a glass of white wine, a small bottle of water and coffee : around 10 euro.  Restaurant ‘Catedral do Fado’ area Mouraria Lisbon

Restaurant ‘A Catedral do Fado’ area Mouraria Lisbon

Traditional Portuguese food, snacks, and a free smile  🙂


Restaurant ‘A Catedral do Fado’ area Mouraria Lisbon: traditional Portuguese food

Traditional Portuguese restaurants

Nowadays area Mouraria in Lisbon is still filled with old taverns and small restaurants, serving traditional Portuguese food for local prices. In contrary to the more touristical historic areas, like Alfama or Bairro Alto, where prices in the restaurants are mostly much higher.

Historic area Mouraria Lisbon, Rua João do Outeiro, June 2018

Peaceful multicultural area

Colorful Mouraria area embraces the past and the present. A multicultural area, where many nationalities live together peacefully. Nowadays it is a popular and fashionable part of Lisbon. Currently,  it is gradually renovated.

Mouraria Lisbon, restaurant Zé da Mouraria

 Local prices

Bairro (area) Mouraria is located in the historic heart of the city. This area in Lisbon is less touristic and therefore much purer. You still pay local prices in most of the restaurants.

Mouraria Lisbon, June 2017, restaurant Zé da Mouraria

In a small street of one of Lisbon’s oldest districts there’s Restaurant ‘Zé da Mouraria’. Well-priced Portuguese dishes and very nice people. Lunches only. (Air-conditioned in summertime).

Thomas Kahler in his atelier in Lisbon, Rua das Olarias, 2018.

Atelier Thomas Kahler

Stage designer by profession, Thomas Kahler works with wood, producing pieces such as tables, chairs and decorative objects. He studied Sculpture at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Holland.

Guitar whisperer 😉

Thomas is also a musician: he plays the guitar and also the
accordion and he creates his own guitars. Facebook

Bar Flamingo Lisbon June 12, 2017: Lisbon’s craziest night , party time!

Flamingo Bar in area Mouraria  is a surprising place for night owls (till 03:00). The bathroom is remarkable!

Saturday Night Fever! 😉

Bar Flamingo reopened in May 2018.   


Organic grocery store Bomercado, opened in Mouraria Lisbon in 2018.

Bomercado is an organic shop in Lisbon that provides groceries, fruit, vegetables and fresh bread,  Portuguese wines and much more. Good prices, highly recommended!  Shopowner Frank is sympathetic and knowledgeable.

Facebook     Rua Dos Cavaleiros 10 Lisboa

Restaurant owner José Maria

Restaurant ‘A Vaidosa Terreirinho Ginginha’, Rua do Terreirinho 58, Lisbon

Tiny place, good traditional Portuguese dishes! 
Typical Portuguese restaurants are a little bit disorderly, but very clean with a big TV screen (people like watching TV while eating, football, futebol), TL-tubes on the ceiling and paper table-covers.

MORE about this small cafe/restaurant….

Restaurant Jose Maria & Laurinda area Mouraria Lisbon

Bill for 3 persons around 30 euro. Eating grilled sardines, especially in the month of June, is a tradition . June 12, Lisbon’s craziest night

This tiny restaurant is 3 minutes walk from lively square Martim Moniz and starting point legendary tram 28.

Square Martim Moniz Lisbon, starting point tram 28

​This is where the historic area Mouraria starts, close to the starting point of the legendary tram 28.
Cafe/bar AI Mouraria, close to starting point tram 28
Cafe, wine & tapas bar  ‘AI MOURARIA’, next to the starting point of old TRAM 28, near square Martim Moniz.
Cafe/bar AI Mouraria, close to starting point tram 28

Nearby, a very cozy terrace:

Restaurant Beco do Forno, located in a little side street of Rua dos Cavaleiros: 

Lunch with Pedro & Dina : patio restaurant Beco do Forno

Very cozy terrace in a courtyard :-). A small narrow street gives access to the patio of Restaurant Beco do Forno (litt. Oven Alley). The owners are friendly​, the food is typically Portuguese and great!

Restaurant Beco do Forno: Beco dos Cavaleiros no. 11

Restaurant Beco do Forno, area Mouraria Lisbon

Our bill for 3 persons 27 euro: grilled sea bass (robalo) with cooked potatoes and vegetables, pato (duck with rice), steak with fries and mixed salad, wine and dessert.

Entrance Restaurant Beco do Forno & bakery Doce Mila area Mouraria Lisbon

Fado Vadio (amateur fado singers)

On all Saturdays there’s Fado Vadio in restaurant Beco do Forno: from 13:00 – 18:00. Lunch menu (3 courses,  15.50 €.      Website      Facebook

Pastelaria (Bakery) Doce Mila Mouraria Lisbon & delicious cakes

Mila’s Cakes (Doce Mila)

Great place for breakfast, a home-made delicious piece of cake or a typical Portuguese delicacy: pastel de nata.
Famous: Doce Mila (Mila’s cakes, name of the owner).
Quiet, with a lovely small terrace. Beco dos Cavaleiros 15 Lisbon

Famous Fado singer Mariza

Mariza grew up in this area YouTube

My apartment in Mouraria Lisbon, July 2018

Looking for a great place to stay in historic area Mouraria? Check the calendar of my 3 bedroom apartment with a lovely patio  🙂

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