Safety in Lisbon: watch out for pickpockets especially trams 28 & 15 (to Belém)

Watch out for pickpockets, especially on 28 and 15  electric trams!

Tram 28 pickpockets

Tram 28 is increasingly as popular with pickpockets as it is with tourists

Violence against tourists is very unusual, but be aware of people that brush up close to you or jostle you in the street.  Don’t leave bags and camera equipment unattended for even a moment! Also be aware when you visit touristical attractions and terraces.


Lisbon is a safe city, you’ll only have to be careful with people selling drugs in the downtown area.  Some sell bay leafs instead of hash, so don’t buy anything from them. When you hire a car and you leave it overnight in the street, take care not to leave any of value in it (even locked) or in your hotel room.

Police in Lisbon

Take a taxi at night: it is cheap in Lisbon

Be always very careful with your things and never carry large amounts of money with you. When leaving the nightclubs take a taxi, you’ll have to pay a bit more (10 euro in the city) but sometimes it’s the best.

Lisbon Safety Police Praca do Commercio

Praça do Comércio: friendly policemen on electrical Segway steps

More information Lisboa Card

It you are the victim of theft, and you want to make an insurance claim, you have to report it to the police and get a report copy. If your passport is taken, you must contact the consulate to get a replacement issued.

Police in June 09 near Rossio Square

Police: COMETLIS – Esquadra de Turismo, phone 00351 213421623,

mail:    Where: Praça dos Restauradores – Lisbon


6 Replies to “Safety in Lisbon: watch out for pickpockets especially trams 28 & 15 (to Belém)”

  1. My daugthter just got pickpocketed on the Blue Line in Lisbon; lost about 45 Euros; Watch out in Lisbon!!!!!!!

  2. I became a victim of a team of pickpockets in Lisbon, yesterday. There were only few people on commercio Square, so, wow did it work?

    I was taking a picture with my Iphone, put it back in the pocket of my jacket and walked on. One of those thugs was approaching me, attracting my attention, asked If I´d be interested in buying some bla bla, at the same time his collegue came from behind and stole my Iphone without me noticing.

    lesson learned : Pickpockets work in teams. When you are offerd something by some idiot, mind what´s going on behind you!

  3. Be very carefully!! Have your wallet in front pocket that’s safe.yes you can’t leave even an umbrella alone for a second really!! Enjoy yourself but be aware! Certain places along the unbeaten path can have sloppy locals there the ones.stay along the driven streets anywhereyou can be bait when a local runs up to you so happy that your . Visiting they’ll boast about your country and president then they get close and try to bump you and pickpocket you..
    Moral of story if you don’t know someone while walking and there approaching you keep your head away and don’t let them near you just say in a firm voice. Noa noa!!! No denaro
    By by…have a pleasant vaction,
    Regards , your friend, Niki
    Don’t go to the town of indente

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