Restaurant ‘A Camponesa de Santa Catarina’ Lisbon near Bairro Alto & great cheap Portuguese food

One of my favorites and a very popular restaurant by ‘Lisboetas‘ (Lisboners) is restaurant ‘A Camponesa’ (The Peasant), a cozy place serving great Portuguese food.

Cheap traditional Portuguese restaurant A Camponesa Santa Catarina Lisbon

Restaurant ‘A Camponesa’  Lisbon

‘A Camponesa’ is located in Santa Catarina near Bairro Alto ‘s nightlife, 5 minutes walk from miradouro (view spot) Santa Catarina with spectacular views across the River Tejo to the 25 April Bridge and the Cristo Rei statue.

Lisbon restaurant A Camponesa cheap traditional Portuguese food

Restaurant ‘A Camponesa’ Lisbon

We had a very nice time, enjoyed our meal (with 7 people), including starters and 2 bottles of good Portuguese wine (Pegões, € 5 a bottle). The bill? € 105.80.

Lisbon A Camponesa traditional cheap restaurant Santa Catarina

Restaurant ‘A Camponesa’ Lisbon

Try their own recipe ‘Picanha no forno’ (oven-roasted meat), € 10,50. Picanha (meat from Brazil) is generally considered to be the number one cut, even better than beef fillet. Picanha (pick-ahn-yeh) is much better than a steak, meltin -in-your mouth !

Lisbon Restaurant A Camponesa traditional Portuguese food owner and famliy

Restaurant ‘A Camponesa’ Lisbon

CéliaPinheiro, Miguel Ferreira (owners of ‘A Camponesa’) and Nadia Morais (a niece) enjoying a delicious ‘sopa de peixe’ (fish soup), just before the restaurant opens at 20:00. Sometimes a lot of friends join them, they all like Miguel’s cooking, inspired by traditional Portuguese dishes!

Lisbon Restaurant A Camponesa near Bairro Alto entrance kitchen

Restaurant ‘A Camponesa’ Lisbon

Miguel Ferreira: “For many years I worked as a journalist in Lisbon, but besides I always had a real passion for cooking. My wife used to work as a commercial sales specialist for Unilever. We have 2 daughters, it was a stressfull life. About 4 years ago we decided to start all over again: we opened restaurant ‘A Camponesa’. It was a huge risk, but now we are very happy!”

Restaurant A Camponesa Santa Catarina cheap traditional Portuguese kitchen

Restaurant ‘A Camponesa’ Lisbon

Restaurant ‘A Camponesa de Santa Catarina’, Rua Marechal Saldana, 23/25, Lisbon. Open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday. Saturday: open for dinner. Closed on Sundays. Phone: 00351 213464791.

Lisbon Restaurant A Camponesa cheap traditional Portuguese kitchen wine

Restaurant ‘A Camponesa’ Lisbon: Rob Plews

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