Napoleão shops Lisbon: port, Portuguese wines & Napoleon, the french emperor

Around 1974, after the Portuguese revolution, the Napoleão family in Lisbon started selling wines and Port wines in Lisbon. A quite  peculiar name for a Portuguese family of course, but the explanation is a simple one. Portugal was once occupied by France for a short period of time and like in other European countries Napoleon obliged civilians to register a surname.


Christina Napoleão

French emperor Napoleon & familyname

That’s why 8 generations ago the ancestors of Christina Napoleão chose the name of the French emperor Napoleon, in Portuguese: Napoleão 😉


Napoleão shop, Rua dos Fanqueiros 70 Lisbon

This youngest store of the Napoleão family, located in a beautiful old renovated building , also sells top quality olive oil, tasty jams, azulejos (traditional tiles) and many other typical Portuguese goodies.

Napoleão shop Port tasting

The Napoleão wine shop in the same street, Lisbon

The Napoleão family now owns six shops in Lisbon, and specializes in the best Portuguese wines and Port wines.  They can explain you all about the best Vintage years of the 20th Century.

Napoleão shop Port Wines street Lisbon

Napoleão shops: Rua dos Fanqueiros 70 Lisbon, tel: +351 21 8861108
Website you can order online


5 Replies to “Napoleão shops Lisbon: port, Portuguese wines & Napoleon, the french emperor”

  1. Hello,

    I came to your store back in May and loved it. I live in the United Stated and was wondering if you would ship your wine to Maryland, USA.

    Thank you

    – Michael Dinh

  2. I’m a wine lover from Italy and everywhere i go i buy wines to bring back home. I passed to visit them and shop wines during our holidays in August 2011 and we left Portugal with 60 bottles stored in my car trunk. Every good wine from Portugal regions, mostly Douro and Alentejo region, many fine Portos, fair price, kind people to help, assist and advice you. Definitely worth a visit.

  3. Hello,
    I will be visiting Lisbon in April and i am looking to buy a 1963 Vintage port. Do you have any and what price please.
    Many Thanks


  4. Ordered from house Napoleao a beautiful 40 year bottle of Alianca XO for a birthday gift and was very pleased with it. The bottle is decorated with St Mark’s Lion. Had it shipped to Ireland in just a few days.

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