Lisbon people: young beautiful students, a new semester & Ginja

Lisbon students in September, a brand new school year. The new semester brings new textbooks, professors, and classes, many public events and traditions.

Lisbon students September 2008 Ginja

It also brings a lot of fun! The universitary students follow a special dress code.

Lisbon September 2008 students Ginja

Drinking Ginjinja near the tiny Ginja bar on Largo de São Domingos, Ginjinha is a liqueur made of a cherry-like berry called (not surprisingly) ‘Ginja’. The berries are fermented into a brandy that’s slightly bitter, slightly sweet and very sticky. You can order a ‘Ginja’ for little money and with or without a cherry in it. The taste of a Ginjinha is one you won’t forget!

Lisbon Students Mouraria 1

A beautiful dress code!  Mouraria, Largo do Terreirinho

Students Mouraria september 2008 1

Starting a new academic year with rituals, traditions and ceremonies.

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