Designer Sebastião Saraiva Lobo in Lisbon, cockroaches & Art Nouveau style atelier

UPDATE 2017:  Sebastião’s studio has moved. More information 

If you visit Lisbon it’s a nice idea to walk up the little hill from Praça Martim Moniz to the famous castle (Castelo São Jorge) . In a street called Calçada de Santo André  nr. 15 you will see an atelier on the right side with a beautiful façade in Portuguese Art Nouveau style.

Lisbon designer Sebastião Saraiva Lobo & his atelier in beautiful Art Nouveau style

Here you can find designer Sebastião Saraiva Lobo, 19 years old, at work in his atelier. Sebastião: ‘ This place is amazing! I was looking around to find my own atelier in Lisbon, because I created wire designs in my bedroom at home but the place was soon too small…..and then I found this, it’s  just like a dream….!

Lisbon designer Sebastião Saraiva Lobo at work in his atelier, Calçada de Santo André 15, Lisbon

Sebastião: ‘ two years ago the owner of this jewelry store, signor Barata, passed away. This name is quite common in Portugal, but it means cockroach 😉  . The place has a long history, around 80 years ago it was a workshop where watches and clocks were made and repaired, and then signor Barata bought the entire building, because he loved the Art Nouveau façade. Now his son owns the atelier, I could rent it for a nice price including the use of all the tools his father used.

Designer Sebastião Saraiva Lobo in Lisbon & a ring with Christmas balls, created from brass and silver

Signor Barata was a very creative man and he was the private jeweler of Portugal’s dictator António de Oliveira Salazar, president of the Council of Ministers of Portugal from 1932 to 1968. In the shop there’s still a book with beautiful drawings and designs of fine and stunning jewelry creations.

Beautiful drawing of a tiara design in the book of sr. Barata, former owner of the jewelry store

Sebastião:  ”When I was young I always wanted to become an archaeologist , but at the age of 12 I started to create wire designs . And the passion for jewelery was always there, as far as I can remember I felt attracted to windows filled with beautiful designs.

Designer Sebastião Saraiva Lobo’s atelier in Lisbon: beautiful Art Nouveau style

“These types of Art Nouveau buildings were very popular and especially built for jewelry stores, because the front is made entirely of iron and therefore not very attractive to burglars. As far as I know this is still the only place in Lisbon with the tradition to create and to sell jewelry”

Sebastião Saraiva Lobo’s wire design INSECT (15 euro):  patio of my apartment in Lisbon (short term rentals)

In the late 19th to early 20th centuries, Art Nouveau was a trendy off-shoot of the Arts & Crafts movement. It is characterized by organic shapes found in nature. Art Nouveau started in Paris, and quickly spread across Europe, with each country incorporating the style within their traditional architecture. In Portugal, Art Nouveau (Arte Novo) found a home largely in Lisbon, Porto and Aveiro. The Art Nouveau was late and short-lived in Portugal. Began around the year 1905 and ended 15 years later in 1920.

Designer Sebastião Saraiva Lobo , Calçada de Santo André  nr. 15 in Lisbon. E-mail:, tel. 00351 910641549.

Window dressing atelier Sebastião Saraiva Lobo Lisbon, wire designcockroaches 😉


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