Cervejaria ‘RAMIRO’ Intendente Lisbon: superb fresh seafood for a good price, real good steak & open on Sundays

CervejariaRamiro is not just a restaurant in Lisbon. If you look for superb fresh seafood at a really good price, this “Cervejaria” (litt. beerhouse) is the place to be! It’s always crowded and rather noisy, with tables full of locals, all having a great time. The atmosphere is loud and exciting.  YouTube

But if you don’t like seafood, here you can enjoy a real good steak . The waiters are very friendly and promptly, you can see they enjoy their job and your beer never runs dry!

Ramiro restaurant 1

A Friday afternoon, around 16:00. Restaurant Ramiro is open from 12:00 till midnight, so if you like to come in at 17:00 you’re welcome!

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Portuguese love there seafood with beer (or with ice cold vinho verde , young wine). You can order big shrimps (gambas or camarão tigre), scampi (lagostim) and crab (caranguejo). Cooked fresh seafood tastes fantastic with mayonaise, grilled seafood goes very well with ‘molho de limão’. This is a sauce of butter, lemon and a bit of piri-piri.

Ramiro restaurant Lisbon Pedro Goncalves manager

Restaurant Ramiro Lisbon

Pedro Miguel P. Gonçalves, manager restaurant ‘Ramiro’ : “You may start by tasting the delicious dark smoked ham “Pata Negra 5, J Sanchez Romero Carvajal”.

Ramiro Gamba Cozida

Restaurant Ramiro Lisbon

Gamba Cozido (€10.85),  Pao Manteiga (hot buttered bread €2.55), agua (S. Pellegrino (€1.50), Carne Lombo (steak sandwich € 3,60), small bottle of white wine (Plenalto €5.50), coffee (€0.90).

My favorite dish: Camarão à Guilho (garlic shrimp). If you’re only in the mood for a snack, try a prego’ , a steak sandwich. The steak is grilled on the plate. The Portuguese eat the prego’s (literally: nails, referring to the full stomach after eating one) with mustard or piri-piri.

O Ramiro restaurant Lisbon superb seafood

Restaurant Ramiro Lisbon

History : The Ramiro Beer house was founded on the 7th of April of 1956, by the hand of Ramiro’s father, being a small “pasture house”. With the passing of the years Mr. Ramiro, having a main role within the business, slowly introduced seafood. This concept aroused a great interest creating a beer house (Cervejaria). Joined by his wife they amplified and improved the space focusing uniquely on the concept of seafood house: the selling of seafood, ham and “steak sandwich” . Today it is known nationally and abroad for its excellent quality of raw-materials, for its level of service and for the price-quality relationship. More….website restaurant Ramiro

Ramiro Restaurant lisbon 6 seafood

Restaurant Ramiro Lisbon

I can sincerely recommend this place! If you are more in the mood for a restaurant with red candles and soft music, you might be disappointed, but upstairs you can make a reservation for a romantic ‘table for 2’.

Ramiro restaurant Lisbon Av Almirante Reis


Restaurant Ramiro is open from 12:00 till midnight.

Avenida Almirante Reis 1 G-H, Intendente, Lisbon. OPEN on Sundays.

Ramiro seefood restaurant people waiting outside

The Ramiro restaurant in Lisbon is very popular

There’s often a long line of people waiting in the street..

TAKE AWAY. Call at +351218851024 and order a seafood meal. Closed on Mondays.

Ramiro Restaurant Lisbon street view

Restaurant Ramiro Lisbon near  beautiful square Intendente

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  4. Go there! simple but super good restaurant!

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  6. This restaurant has the absolute worst service in the world. There are many other seafood restaurants with better service and even better seafood. I am not sure why Ramiro is so popular.

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