Excellent Restaurant ‘Casa da Comida’ Lisbon & the heavenly garden of Sacred Art São Roque Museum

Restaurant ‘Casa da Comida’ in Lisbon is an international well-known restaurant, very famous for its Portuguese gastronomy.

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In January 2009 ‘Casa da Comida’ (‘ the house of food’) opened a new cafetaria/ restaurant in the wonderful new bamboo garden of Museum São Roque, just a few steps away from Bairro Alto (a legendary old neighborhood in Lisbon’s historical center). This museum and church is home to Italian art from the 16th and 17th centuries.

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The new restaurant/cafetaria is located near one of Lisbon’s most interesting churches: Igreja São Roque (Church of Saint Roch), the earliest Jesuit church in the Portuguese world with its magnificent baroque interior and the Museum São Roque : Museum de Arte Sacra (Sacred Art), one of the oldest art museums in Portugal, housed in the former ‘Misericórdia’ old people’s home and orphanage. After (or before) your visit to the church and the Museum (€ 2,50), it’s a good idea to enjoy a coffee, a light lunch or an afternoon tea in this wonderful and quiet inner-garden.

New restaurant Casa da Comida garden Museum Sao Roque girls

At the entrance of the Museum the receptionist will open the door for you, but it’s not necessary to buy a ticket. There’s a varied menu, and in winter you can also sit inside the restaurant to eat or relax.

Restaurant Casa da Comida Museum Sao Roque 2 lunch

The atmosphere is perfect for a leisury lunch. We ordered Carpaccio de carne (meat €  8.00), salade de atum (tunny € 6.00), a salad with goat-cheese (cabra € 8.00), agua (water € 1.50) and 2 glasses of (delicious) Planalto Douro wine (€ 5.00, bottle € 10.00). Coffee € 0,90.

Restaurant Casa da Comida Museum Sao Roque garden waiter Manuel Silva

Thanks to manager sr. Manuel Silva, muito obrigada for your perfect service!

Largo Trindade Coelho Museum Sao Roque Lisbon

Largo Trindade Coelho

Restaurant/Cafetaria ‘Casa da Comida’, Lisbon cafetariasaoroque@casadacomida.pt (00351) 21 323 54 46. Open: Tuesday – Sunday from 10:00 – 18:00.  (On Sundays a lot of restaurants are closed in Lisbon). Thursday 14:00 – 21:00.

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