Castle of St. George’s neighborhood ‘Santa Cruz’ & Mercearia Castello Cafe

Around the Castle of St. George’s  (Castelo de São Jorge) in Lisbon, the tiny and partially restored ancient neighborhood of Santa Cruz do Castelo , is one of the most picturesque parts of Lisbon. Ageing residents are living here as well as younger people and there’s lots of luxury hotels.

Lisbon Bairro Castelo Merceraria Castello

Mercearia Castello Cafe

A bit tucked away on a tiny street, Rua das Flores de Santa Cruz behind the Castle, Mercearia Castello Cafe opens in summertime a small outdoor seating  just around the corner. Quiche and salads, coffee and toast, this cafe is a great place to stop for a snack or a light meal after visiting the Castle.

Lisbon Bairro Castelo Rua do Chao da Feira

Rua Bartolomeu do Gusmão, just near the Castle.

The neighborhood is very charming, it’s really nice to walk through the cobbled small streets. Costa do Castelo features some of the most spectacular viewpoints of Lisbon.

Lisbon neighborhood St John Castle O Terraco amazing views

A 10 minutes walk away from this street is a great cafe/bar overlooking the river Tagus, 25 April bridge and the city, cafe O Terraço, spectacular views!

(update : new owner, now there’s a restaurant)

Lisbon Bairro Castelo Rua do Espirito Santo3 laundry

Rua do Espírito Santo….

Normal life is going on, quietly, nobody takes attention to the tourists. This hilly part of Lisbon, located in the highest hill of the historic centre,  is one of the main historical and tourist sites.

Lisbon Bairro Castelo walking around

more…..  an idea to walk up the hill to the Castle of St George

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