Cafe ‘A Ginjinha’ Rossio, popular in Lisbon to taste a Ginja liqueur & spit the pit

Try a typical Portuguese liqueur! Cafe ‘A Ginjinha’ is a city center tourist attraction. When walking to ‘Restauradores’ or ‘Rossio’ in Lisbon’s city center, be sure to stop at the ‘A Ginjinha’ cafe, Largo de São Domingos 

Lisbon Rossio Ginja

Cafe A Ginjinha’ Rossio Lisbon near Teatro Theater Nacional Doña Maria II

This is a very tiny bar where a maximum of three people can go in at a time and order a Ginja.

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Lisbon A Ginjinha’ cafe Lisbon tourist attraction 1

Cafe ‘A Ginjinha’ Rossio Lisbon. Next door: famous traditional hat shop

Ginja or Ginjinha as most people call it, is a liqueur made of a cherry-like berry called (not surprisingly) Ginja. The berries are fermented into a brandy that’s slightly bitter, slightly sweet and very sticky.

Students in September drinking ginja

Cafe ‘A Ginjinha’ Rossio Lisbon in September

Lisbon students in September, a brand new school year…

You can order a Ginja for little money and with or without a cherry in it. The Ginja’s are on the bottom of the bottle and it requires a fair bit of skill to get just one berry into a glass. Most Portuguese people like to have their Ginjinhacom Ginja’, with a cherry in the glass. If you don’t want it, ask for one ‘sem Ginja’ (without a Ginja).

A Ginjinha near Restauradores Lisbon Portugal

Cafe ‘A Ginjinha’ Rossio Lisbon

Spit the pit

The older Portuguese men drink their Ginja in one time. After this, they suck on the berry for a while and spit the pit onto the streets. Take care: if you approach this square, the pavement can become quite sticky 😉 😉

Lisbon A Ginjinha’ cafe Lisbon tourist attraction 3 Rossio city center

Cafe ‘A Ginjinha’ Rossio Lisbon

There’s no specific time for drinking a Ginja, the Portuguese tend to drink all day. Where to buy a bottle of Ginja in Lisbon (or order via the website?

Lisbon A Ginjinha’ cafe Lisbon tourist attraction 2

Cafe ‘A Ginjinha’ Rossio Lisbon

Nearby small Ginja café ´Os Amigos da Severa

Nearby in historical área Mouraria: small café ´Os Amigos da Severa´: also really worth a visit for tasting Ginja liqeur: 1 euro! 🙂

Saude! (cheers)

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  1. I really must say it’s very refreshing to uncover a genuinely original blog like this, good effort. I expect I’ll be coming back frequently and I’ll be looking to see if you’ve made another comment when I do.

  2. Do you know if the ‘A Ginjinha Bar’, Rossio, is the same as the one filmed in in 1930 in Leitão de Barros’ semi-documentary “Lisboa, Cronica Anedotica” (a masterpirece that can be viewed on You Tube). There are some places shown in the film I was unable to trace (probably because they have disappeared. Do you by chance have any information about them : Béco das Mil Patagas, Pateo de Batalha, Capile Palace, Colegio união por os dois sexos, Lota o Lavagem de Peixe (Camera Municipal de Lisboa)?
    Thank you in advance for any information you could give me
    Guy Bellinger
    PS: I am a contributor for and the French film location site L2TC
    PPS: Sorry for the mistakes. I visited Lisbon once and I loved the place but I did not stay long enough to start learning Portuguese.

  3. There is another shop called “Ginja sem Rival” near “Ginjinha” wich I think it’s even better!!

  4. Can I purchase Ginjinha from You to ship to US, if so how much would it be. Or is there a place I could contact in US to purchase this, as we were recently in Portugal and enjoyed it but could only bring back a little of it. Thank you.

  5. I was in Lisbon 1968 &69 the square looks the same and the cherry liquor
    Sold out of the same spot 40 yes later

  6. For those wanting to have ginginha shipped to the US: probably not possible. But it is officially imported, at least in the Portuguese Ironbound section of Newark, NJ. I have seen the “Sem Rival” brand in bars and shops.

  7. Hi,
    I want to open a store your ginjinha brand . How can I do? What is your procedure?

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