Bar/Cafe ‘SIDE’ Bairro Alto Lisbon, trendy gay meeting point

Whether you’re gay or straight: cafe/bar ‘SIDE’ is a trendy meeting point in Rua da Barroca, open from 18:00 pm. Most bars open their doors much later in Bairro Alto.

Gay cafe Side Rua do Barroco

Bar/Cafe ‘SIDE’ Bairro Alto Lisbon

…..A few friends of mine enjoy a glass of wine……

Sebastien and Nelson cafe Side Bairro Alto

Bar/Cafe ‘SIDE’ Bairro Alto Lisbon

Sebastien and Nelson

Bairro Alto Rua Barroca Santo Santionio Side

Bar/Cafe ‘SIDE’ Bairro Alto Lisbon

in June, the month of the Saints Festivities


Rua da Barroca 33, Bairro Alto


2 Replies to “Bar/Cafe ‘SIDE’ Bairro Alto Lisbon, trendy gay meeting point”

  1. The SIDE bar its woorking again people. Im the manager/barman, you are all invited to came meet the new decoratíon and have a drink with me.

    Ruben Mendes

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