Historical red tramcar tour ‘7 hills’ Lisbon : Hop on Hop Off & picturesque neighbourhoods

Although public transport (tram 28) is much cheaper, this historical red tramcar tour allows you to know the most picturesque neighborhoods of Lisbon in a friendly and comfortable way, while listening to the commentary available in several languages or melancholic melody of fado music.

Lisbon red tourist tram 7 hills Praca do Comercio

Historical red tramcar tour &Praça do Comércio Lisbon


Red tram tour, leaving from one of the most beautiful squares in the world: Praça do Comércio where you can buy a ticket. From around € 17-20 p.p. Child (4-9) around € 10

Online tickets

You will pass the narrow and steep streets of the city’s traditional quarters. You will see chatting people on doorsteps and feel the village atmosphere of Alfama and Mouraria and reveal a sharp contrast to the elegant, noble buildings of Chiado and Lapa. You will certainly fall in love with Lisbon and sooner or later you will come back……

Lisbon historical Red tram tour driver Paulo Dias starting point Praca do Comercio

Red tram driver Paulo Dias historical red tramcar tour Lisbon


“You can take advantage of the ‘Hop On Hop Off” system. This allows tourists to get off at each stop (20 min.), visit the surrounding area, and then get back on the tram or wait for the next one.

Tickets & prices

The ‘ 7 Colinas‘ (hills) route (about 1 1/2 hour, ) departs every 30 minutes, from 10:00-20:00 (from June-Sept), from 10:20-17:40 (Oct-May).

Lisbon historical red tram tour tourists

Historical red tramcar tour Lisbon

“The ‘Carristur’ company has faithfully restored the interior of the trams dating from the thirthies and fourties, preserving their charm and original character.

Lisbon church Mouraria

Historical red tramcar tour Lisbon

Little church in Mouraria. More about this old neighborhood, home of fado music…..

In this area there’s my 3 bedroom apartment with 3 bedrooms & a 30 m2 lovely sunny patio (short term rentals)

This ‘ 7 Colinas’ (hills) route goes through the oldest and most traditional districts, giving its passengers a real taste of the city. Mouraria, Alfama, Chiado, Sao Bento and Estrela are just some of the districts that can be seen in the tram.

Lisbon historical red tram tour Alfama near flea market Feira da Ladra

Historical red tramcar tour Lisbon

Alfama. This street is close to the legendary Feira da Ladra (‘thieves market’) and the castle of São Jorge (Castle of Saint George)

Lisbon historical Red tram tour Pessoa statue girl

Historical red tramcar tour Lisbon

Chiado, Rua Garrett. Famous cafe ‘A Brasileira’ with the statue in bronze of the poet Fernando Pessoa, mobbed by lots of tourists, all day long! And of course you will pass the Bica funicular

Lisbon historical Red tram tour Rua de Sao Paulo Rua Boa Vista stairs

Historical red tramcar tour Lisbon

Rua Sao Paulo/Rua da Boa Vista

Lisbon Red tram historical tour tourists see other tourists

As a tourist you will see a lot of other tourists waiting for tram 28

TRAM 28 (eletrico) is very popular . The number of tourist has been increased (2016), which means that tram 28 route is mostly fully packed.

Lisbon Red tram tour sightseeing little streets Pastelaria

Historical red tramcar tour Lisbon

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  2. where do you buy the tickets for the red tram regards barry.

    “Red tram tour, leaving from one of the most beautiful squares in the world: Praça do Comércio (incl. Lisboa card info) where you can buy a ticket.”

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